Global ticketing

Passphere is a global ready ticketing system that will inspire creators to take control. We offer experiences that connect and technology that truly evolves to suit your needs.

We've taken all constraints off

Launching as 3 unique products, you take control!

Passphere API for developers

Build without limits, allowing the growth of a community of passionate people who can make a real difference to the future of ticketing

Passphere Experiences

A White Label ticketing solution, for Promoters to seamlessly integrate powerful ticketing into their own websites with ease

iTICKET Powered by Passphere

Our strategic launch merger in New Zealand, featuring custom DIY event builds, group bookings, allocated seating and much much more!

We care about our promoters

The Passphere platform will give power back to every event organiser from the smallest gig to the largest scale venues selling thousands of tickets per second. Creating a people centric platform, provides rich data back to our organisers to better plan and run events globally.

Are you one of these?

We have created a platform that not only works, but one that is people centric and focused on providing a world leading technology solution. We aren't specializing in one user group, so go learn more about what we offer for you.

Event goer

Looking to enjoy breathtaking experiences?


Organise amazing experiences around the world?

Venue owner

Find it hard to manage your venue for promoters?


Want to build amazing booking experiences?

The new platform

A global scale solution built right here in NZ

Buying tickets has never been easier

We’re making it simpler than ever for users to select tickets to their favourite events as individuals or as a group. We’re introducing personality to ticketing - by delivering the most customised front facing information directly to the user

Promoter dashboards

Manage all the details of your event from one place. We allow self creation of events and full management once your events are live. We put the control in the promoters hands, allowing full management of your event how and when you need it

Built to perform

Built to handle the highest global scale of ticket transactions, the Passphere system will handle any load. Manage every experience and interaction across your event while capturing real-time data to continuously improve your customer experiences for future events

Refund & Exchange handling

We have created built-in solutions to ease the frustration of ticket fraud for both promoters and customers. Our new system empowers promoters with the flexibility to deliver refund and exchange options to their customers. This will enable customers who have legitimate reasons for not attending an event, to easily request a refund or be able to pass on their tickets with friends instead